What is Quemaito?

Quemaito is a unique liqueur in the world.

Its sweet and cinnamon-like flavour and its soft aroma, in combination with its low alcohol content makes it really pleasant on the palate.

This liqueur's origin is due to the labor of 4 siblings who recovering their grandparents knowledge, and inspired by the fire spirit that flows in the veins of the Levante land's habitants, knew how to transform their ancestors' "carajillo quemao" recipe into an exquisite liqueur.

The idea of sharing and enjoy its nice flavour and unforgetable aroma whith family and friends comes from the fire, San Juan's night, the Mediterranean...


Carajillo's origin


According to the legend, the carajillo's origin dates back to the 15th century when the spanish soldiers colonized Cuba. Despite the hardness of the ground, and lack of provisions, the soldiers thought up a new drink based on local products and liquor, whose heartwarming effect gave them "corajillo" to face with courage the battle.

How to take it?

This is a really versatile liqueur, can be used for both, confectionery and cocktail:

  • Carajillo Quemado: warm liqueur, coffee and coffee foam. With coffee bean and lemon rind.
  • Irish coffee: already mixed and burnt with the sugar, leaves no texture.
  • Scottish coffee: alcohol already prepared to minimize the serving time to the client.
  • Traditional liqueur: cool, perfect anytime
  • Warm liqueur: grandma's recipe to get rid of congestion.
  • Mojito and cocktails: undissolved sugar crystals are removed.
  • Confectionery and desserts: ideal to pair with this products, combined or separated.
  • Fruits: really good with some fruits as pineapple.
  • Soft drinks: combined.
  • Beer: spanish and foreigners like to mix it with beer.
  • Etc.

It's the base for the traditional "Carajillo quemado", allowing to keep homogeneus it's propieties, flavour and texture, as well as saving lot of time of the traditional elaboration process. That's why Quemaito it's perfect for bar and catering sevices.


This liqueur is made of alcohol, sugar, molasses and a cinnamon stick.

It's a completely handmade process, from the mixing and maceration of the product to the burning and bottling.

Quemaito is bottled in 70 cl and 20/25 cl format, for it's direct sell or to give it as a present.

70 cl bottles are packed in a 6 bottle box.



Quemaito is a product made by  NAVARRO VICENT, S.L., with NIF. B53521886.

The name Quemaito, is patented as a joint designation in the Community patent, both the name and the logo and the graphic design of the label.

NAVARRO VICENT, S.L. Is a family business created in 1999, in the town of Elda (Alicante), by four brothers, fruit of the experience of a lifetime in the sector.